About Me

Melanie Richardson

Hello, I am Melanie Richardson

I am a Front-End Web Developer based in Long Beach, CA. I am originally from a small town in Kentucky, then I moved to New York City, and now I am in SoCal!

Web Development is a career change for me. I moved to New York City so that I could pursue my dream of being on Broadway, however, life had other plans for me. While working at some of my other jobs, I got to dabble in graphic design and coding a little and really enjoyed doing that so I decided to give Front-End Web Development a try, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning journey thus far.

When I am not coding, you can find me binge-watching shows, cuddling with my cats, Mars and Saturn, or relaxing on the beach with my significant other!

I have finished taking coding workshops through SheCodes and have obtained my full certification. I have furthered my knowledge by obtaining my certificate of completion for IBM's Web Fundamentals Course. I have also obtained the Responsive Web Design Certificate from freeCodeCamp, and I plan to continue coding my way through their curriculum! Hello World this is what Melanie Richardson can do as a Front-End Web Developer (so far)!

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